Reports & Calenders

Computerized astrological reports and calenders are great for anyone–from students of astrology, to those just interested in learning more about their chart or current astrological influences. They also make great gifts. 

Reports will be sent to your e-mail in PDF format as soon as possible, however, please allow a maximum of 24 hours to receive your report from the time of purchase, as they are manually generated and e-mailed.

With each report you will also receive a free Designer Wheel Birthchart.

**Please note: After payment is complete, you will be redirected to another page to enter your birth data. Please fill out all of this information carefully to make sure that it’s correct. Astrology’s accuracy is dependent upon the accuracy of the data, please make sure you have an accurate Birth date (Month, Day, Year), Birth Time (Hour and Minute), and Birth Location (City, State, and Country). All payments are processed using Pay Pal (pay pal account not required). Thank you for supporting Kosmic Mind! **If for some reason you are not redirected automatically to the birth data form, please return to this site,, go to the Reports/Calenders tab, and click on Birth Data Entry Form, and fill it out there.

Astro*Talk Natal Report

This is an excellent introduction to your birth chart–which includes over 30 pages of interpretations of all planetary positions by sign, house, aspect, a more!

Here’s what you will find inside an Astro*Talk report:

  • Introduction
  • The Planets– The first and largest chapter of an Astro*Talk report takes you through the planets and their aspects, beginning with the Sun and the Moon.
  • Life Landscapes– These Saturn transits in the Grant Lewi-style provide description of major life periods: your personal background, plus a close-up look at your current situation, complete with exact dates of Saturn transits.
  • Burn Rate– Do you run hot and fast? Do things in your life change rapidly? Or is your life less turbulent and more straight-forward? Discover your personal “Burn Rate.” The geocentric and heliocentric positions of the planets are analyzed and the planets in high focus are interpreted. Discover if your burn rate is high or low, or in-between and whether the majority of your planets are in the past, present or future.
  • Chart Pattern/Soul Type– Both geocentric and heliocentric charts are analyzed for major chart patterns and then interpreted. You inner self is contrasted with your outer personality. Keys to both inner and outer aspects are delineated. Even your personal “hot spot” (the most aspected planet) is described.
  • Elemental Balance– This section analyzes elements, modalities, and angularities. Discover which you have in abundance or which you are lacking. Measuring these gives a general picture of the person.
  • Challenges and Abilities– This is a second breakdown of planetary aspects, describing areas of intense focus and activity. Challenges can be difficult, requiring caution and extra patience. Abilities are areas of clear insight and real talent.
  • Interface Nodes– Interface Nodes provides a complete heliocentric planetary node analysis. The position of each planet in relation to the other planets is indicated by either inclinations (likes) or disinclinations (dislikes). The nodes represent our root level or core – our innermost qualities.
  • House Activity and Emphasis– This is a six-to-eight page report on this very important basic part of astrology. Houses, signs, and planets in houses are looked at in this section.
  • Major Transits– Astro*Talk calculates and interprets transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It gives dates when the next major transits for these planets are exact in your chart.
  • Explanatory Supplement– This is a 15 page introduction to astrological terms and concepts.

Click Here For Sample Report

Price: $16.00

Lunar Return Report by John Townley

A lunar return is a guide to your own personal monthly cycle, which is based on a horoscope calculated for the precise moment the Moon returns to the position it was at the time of birth. These occur at roughly one month intervals, and will describe the themes and energies that will be present from one lunar return to the next. Similar to a Solar Return, a Lunar Return is like your monthly birthday, and serve as valuable guides to effectively navigate through the month.

Depending upon when your lunar return occurs, which is at different times of the month for each person, your report will be calculated for the next nearest lunar return date.

Sections include:

Daily Events:
After a look at the overall picture for the month, daily influences are painted primarily by the transiting Moon as it passes through each of the natal and Lunar Return houses and ticks off its conjunctions to planets in both the natal chart and the Lunar Return chart. This accounts for 47 occurrences, each of which happens once, in varying orders, throughout each month. As the Moon transits the houses and planets of the natal chart, it triggers events that are both personal to the moment and yet connect with more long-term issues as well, since the natal chart abides permanently. As the Moon touches the houses and planets of the Lunar Return, however, its effects are to highlight and spark off the trends depicted in that chart only, and thus apply only to very short-term developments. These Lunar transits thus give what amounts to inner and outer pictures, short-term and longer-term effects working together, both of which are described in the text.

Featured Planets:
When selected Lunar Return positions occupy the same spaces as other planetary bodies in your natal chart, this highlights particular natal inclinations for the month. It will mean that certain elements fundamental to your character will be emphasized both internally and externally. These will be the areas that most appear to represent you for the moment and that others will seize upon as entry points to your personality. These are the areas in which you can put your best foot forward to make the most effective and gratifying steps ahead, providing your first line of challenges and opportunities to embrace the world.

Personal Void-of-Course Moon:
An especially useful section of this report for many is your Personal Void-of-Course Moon. This is the period of time every 2 1/2 days when the transiting Moon has made its last aspect to another body in the sky before changing signs – described as a Void-of-Course Moon period. It can last from a few minutes to over a day, depending how late in signs the planets are at the time. Because the Moon at this time doesn’t really have its “feet on the ground,” is generally considered a period unfavorable for tangible decisions that require solid support, but an excellent time for insight, relaxation, and reaching outside of confining boundaries. Many astrological calendars include a monthly list of these times.

If you have natal planets late in one or more signs, however, an ordinarily Void-of-Course Moon may still be making aspects to your chart, allowing you a special exception from the rule and giving you a decision-making advantage at this time. Conversely, if your planets are mostly early in signs, then for you the Moon goes Void-of-Course sooner than for the rest of the world, allowing you to check out and party early, while others are still in a more mundane frame of mind. Thus, included in each Lunar Return report is a list of your own Personal Void-of-Course Moon times unique to you alone, in order to give you a very specific personal advantage. They each begin when the Moon makes its last aspect to your chart and end when the Moon enters the next sign.

Click Here For Sample Report

Price: $12.00

Day Watch Calenders & Reports Package

Day Watch calenders and reports are truly remarkable, and extremely useful for studying the effects of planetary influences from the perspective of transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs. This information is a must have for anyone who wants a look and plan ahead in their lives using astrology. If you are an amateur astrologer, a serious student of the subject, or just someone wanting detailed daily astrological planning advice, you will most definitely benefit from these reports. Not only is it an astrological calender–which reveals the aspects from major planets, it’s also completely personalized to your own natal chart–revealing daily aspects to all natal positions. I have combined all the best reports from this program into a single package for one reasonable price. This is the ultimate report package for anyone seriously planning their life with astrology!

Calenders include the following:

  • Daily aspects between planets
  • Moon sign and phase
  • Daily sign changes for the Sun, Moon, and major planets
  • Void of Course Moon times
  • Complete monthly ephemeris
  • Significant planetary events such as new and full Moons, eclipses, and stations
  • Red/Green Days- which highlight dates with strong positive or negative aspects
  • Lunation Charts for every month (New & Full Moons+Eclipses)

This is no ordinary astrological calender, giving you personal planetary aspects directly to your own natal chart–including transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs–taking it to a whole other level.

You will receive one full year 24 page printable desk calender, as well as daily interpretations for every day of the year–featuring interpretations by astrologer John Townley. The whole package includes the following, click each for samples:

Yearly Calender Report24 page printable calender, with lunation charts and a monthly ephemeris.

Yearly Highlights– This is a breakdown of all major astrological events (transits, progressions, & solar arcs) occurring throughout the year between transiting as well as personal planets–with interpretations.

Monthly Highlights– This will feature all major astrological events occurring for a given month, including interpretations for the house positions of New and Full Moons.

Monthly Details– This will feature a more detailed look at events occurring each day–excluding the Moon, as it will repeat the same cycles every month. Includes daily interpretations.

Stations– This list will feature all retrograde cycles occurring for a given year, as well as interpretations for Mercury, Mars, and Venus retrograde cycles within the houses of your natal chart–in addition to possible aspects made to other planets, in both retrograde and direct motion.

One Full Year of Day Watch: $20.00

*Reports will be calculated for one full year beginning the following month. If you would like them calculated from the 1st of the current month, then please type this month in the additional comments section of the birth data entry page.

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